Investment Advisory Board

Last Updated: January 5th, 2018

Harold Cho,’91
Vice President, Financial Advisor
Merrill Lynch Wealth Management

Robert DiMella ’89
Senior Managing Director
MacKay Shields, LLC

Kevin A. Edwards ‘85
Senior Investment Director
Hartford Healthcare

Drew Figdor ‘83
General Partner & Portfolio Manager of Arbitrage
TIG Advisors, LLC

Gerald J. Ganz, Jr.,
SVP of Finance and Administration, CFO
The University of Connecticut Foundation, Inc.

Prof. Chinmoy Ghosh, IAB Co-Chair
Finance Dept. Chair and SMF Director
UConn School of Business

Keith G. LaRose ‘84
Principal and Executive Vice President
Bradley, Foster and Sargent, Inc.

Peter C. Larson ’63

Tom Marshella 
Managing Director
Moody’s Investors Service

Frank J. Minerva ’81 MBA
Chief Operating Officer, Private Wealth Management
UBS Financial Services

Shebna Olsen
Vice President, Financial Advisor
HSBC Securities USA, Inc.

Michel Rakotomavo
Finance Faculty
UConn School of Business

Carlos J. Rodrigues ‘95
Chief Operating Officer & Chief Financial Officer
HRS Management, LLC

Cengiz Searfoss, IAB Co-Chair

Pat Terrion
Founders Investment Advisors, LLC

Chris Wilkos (SMF Faculty Advisor)
Executive Vice President and Chief Investment Officer
The Phoenix Companies, Inc.

Jill Ashton
Director of Development, UConn School of Business
The University of Connecticut Foundation

Gary Draghi
Director of Investments
City of Hartford Municipal Employees’ Retirement Fund

John Gilbert
Executive Vice President
Bradley, Foster and Sargent, Inc.

Phillip Titolo
Portfolio Manager/Director of Investments

Wiebke Wanner-Borchardt
Managing Director
CrossCon Real Assets