2021-2022 Presentations and Reports – Storrs Team Blue

Analyst One Page Reports

Ticker Analysts Reports
LMT Aidan Hamilton, Alex Fay, and James Yang LMT
BBY Nick Kinsella and Alexis Davitashvili BBY
ATVI Connor Avallone, Devin Stachelsky, and Aidan Hamilton ATVI
DHI Nick Kinsella, Karolina Tarnacki, and Sanskriti Pandey DHI
FB James Yang, Alex Fay, and Connor Avallone FB
FDX Devin Stachelsky and Nick Kinsella FDX
ASML Jaden May and Katelyn Desautels ASML
AMZN Devin Stachelsky, Karolina Tarnacki, and Connor Avallone AMZN
SEM Alexis Davitashvili and Nick Kinsella SEM
SFM Aidan Hamilton, Nick Kinsella, and Nicholas Good SFM
MTH Devin Stachelsky, Jeremy Szawerda, and Connor Avallone MTH
BLK Alex Fay and Nick Kinsella BLK
SBUX Katelyn Desautels, Alexis Davitashvili, and Jaden May SBUX


Analyst Long Page Reports

Ticker Analysts Reports
ATVI Devin Stachelsky and Connor Avallone ATVI Long Report